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FaeMuse FaeMuse 9 years
This is actually in the same strip mall as a Big K-Mart. I also happen to get my fresh fish from there to make sushi with, so don't knock it -too- much. I'm so curious who took this picture, and let's watch all these Napervillians (Villites? Villains? Mwahaha!) come out of the woodwork...
bluerebel93 bluerebel93 9 years
dude i live in naperville. never been in there. just stared at it in disbelief from the panera bread across the street.
Darrke Darrke 9 years
HeHe yeah thats an amusing store, smells very strongly of Fish (which does not surprise me). It actually occupies the spot where the Dominicks I use to work at was. The sign in front is a source of much amusement, ironically enough in that same shopping mall complex is an actual K-Mart. Funny how life works out aint it? -D
sgdish sgdish 9 years
Should have used an "S"...Super Smart sounds great!
eightthirty eightthirty 9 years
Yes, it is a Korean supermarket. It's not a Kmart ripoff.
krmusicbird3 krmusicbird3 9 years
lol just to let everyone know, the supermarket is a korean one called Han Ah Reum, which they just shortened to HMart... sorry to burst your bubbles on the idea that it's a spinoff of KMart but there's no relation...
pebbles_davis pebbles_davis 9 years
LOL!!!!! Love your comment pinup!!!
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 9 years
Well it is super because H comes before K in the alphabet
Greggie Greggie 9 years
My guess is that it was easier than getting a whole new sign - a bunch of our KMarts went out of business a few years ago and the people who took over the buildings did a lot of "*letter* Mart" rather than get all new signs. But I like "Grand Open."
anaisethenry anaisethenry 9 years
I think it's one of those Asian supermakets...
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