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Ad For Olla Climax-Day Condoms

Olla Climax-Day Condom Ad — Love It or Leave It?

I'm not sure if I love this ad or am terrified by it. It's certainly better than most condom ads, which consistently feature shadows of people getting it on or images of the fertilization process magnified: an egg so large it could be mistaken for the sun and the sperm, a suicidal Earth, swimming toward it. Which is why this ad from a Brazilian ad agency is quite refreshing: it reminds me of neither. Olla Prolong delays orgasms, so these sperm are just waiting around for their flight. They're building sandcastles, flying kites, and snoozing in hammocks.

Maybe it's my feelings toward condoms serving a purpose besides contraception and protection, but I find it both cute and creepy. Do you love it, or could you leave it?

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