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Advice For Dealing With a Break

Advice For Dealing With a Break in a Relationship

While every situation is different, a lot of you have questions when it comes to taking a break in a relationship. What does it mean? How do you handle it? Is it good or bad? We've given some reasons why we think you should go on a break, but you've also given a lot of great advice over the years.

Here are your tips on how to handle a break in a relationship. And feel free to add more tips in the comments!

"I think taking a break is a good way to re-evaluate what you want from your relationship and your partner." — Chrstne


"You need counseling to figure out the root of your insecurities. You should probably start going alone, maybe including him in a few sessions if he's interested and your therapist thinks it's a good idea." — luisamapacha

"I think a break can be a good thing after you've been together for a while; it gives you time to sort things out on your own. I had one with my BF of 18 mo. for about a month and a half, and that time was crucial for us, because we needed some time to just chill separate from each other so we could get back on track and address our issues." — bekkachan

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"I think breaks are good because sometimes you need to be apart in order to appreciate being together more. If a 'break' breaks you up, then you weren't really strong enough in the first place." — cgmaetc

"I think it can be helpful in a relatively healthy relationship that just needs some fresh air and a good step back. However, communication lines definitely need to stay open, and everyone needs to be on the same page as to what exactly the 'break' means and what is expected of each party." — MotoLinz

"The thing about breaks though, is it's usually one person who wants one and the other person doesn't so it's hard. I think the person who doesn't want it should just back off hard and really try to respect the other person's need for space, but it's not always easy." — popgoestheworld

"I do have one trick that I have used. Sounds silly but delete his name from your phone. You can keep the number, just make sure the visual name is not there. I think if we see the name all of the time it hypes us up. I think not having a visual helps. Give it a try. Also, make a lot of plans either with work, school, volunteering or friends. Fill in all the time, spaces and voids and it will be easier not to keep checking your phone or wondering what he's doing." — 356UIK

"I feel like wanting a break is a nice way to say you want to break up with someone. If it does end up working out, then great, but for now I would assume to move on. Heck, this isn't all about him right? Taking time off could be a good thing for you too!" — Le Luxe

"I think if he has been shady with his feelings and making time for you then you should just break up. If he wasn't making you happy before, break up. But, if things are just stressful because of something not involving your relationship, then take this down time and be useful with it until he decides to want to work it out . . . BUT it shouldn't be just his decision to get back with you, you should be wanting it too, with conditions. If you got back together, and you know you want a long term commitment, then I would have that talk with him BEFORE you got back with him." — kythera

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