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Is There An Age Limit For Bikini Waxing?

Dear Sugar
During gym time in the locker room, I've overheard that some of the girls in my grade are getting bikini waxes.

I've always thought there was some kind of age limit to get this done. Is there any possible way that I can get one without my mother finding out? Landing Strip Layla

Dear Landing Strip Layla
I've checked some renown salons and no - there is no age limit for getting bikini waxes. However, what kind are we taking here? Sides, and little off the top - or full on bare brazilian?

Hear me out because the DearSugar in me feels the need to be a tad overprotective.
If you are in middle school, I wouldn't suggest waxing. You are still going through puberty and I think that area should be left Au Natural for the time being.

However, if you are in high school I think that "Nairing" or shaving the sides (so there's nothing visible in underwear or a bathing suit) is the way to go.

By the time you are a senior I think you've pretty much fully developed. I understand why you would want to get it done - besides the pain of it feeling like you are plucking your nose hairs out one by one it looks great.

Just wait till you are at an appropriate age for it. Don't mess with mother nature until she's finished messing with you!

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