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Age of Losing Virginity

At What Age Does Virginity Become a Stigma?

The average teenage girl loses her virginity at 17.3 (17.0 for boys) in the United States, but the age at which it becomes a stigma can vary among subcultures, religions, and even schools.

Tina Fey famously held onto her virginity until she was 24, but one woman wrote about waiting until 32 in the Guardian Friday. And not because of religion!

Reasons ranged from fear it would hurt, anxiety about pregnancy and STDs, and a five-year illness until the reason was simply virginity itself. Why give it up if you've waited so long? Plus, sometimes the fear of revealing virginity after a certain age becomes a fear itself.

Most people have an age they don't want to reach and still be a virgin — what was, or is, yours?

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