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Aidan vs. Mr Big Sex and the City 2 2010-05-26 08:00:05

Big vs. Aidan — Who's More Your Type?

Carrie Bradshaw might have a hard time choosing between Mr. Big and Aidan Shaw, but I think the two leading men couldn't be more different. On the one hand you have confident, passionate, and mysterious Mr. Big who's always playing hard to get. And then there's Aidan, the type of guy who adores you and would never let you down, but might be a little too nice for some people's taste. While Big's unpredictability catches your attention, Aidan's sexy dedication could have more long-term appeal. If you were in Carrie's Manolos who would you choose — bigger than life Mr. Big or down to earth Aidan? You better make up your mind before the movie hits theaters tomorrow!

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