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Alexis Bledel Obama Campaign

Alexis Bledel Tells Us Why She's Campaigning For Barack Obama

Mitt Romney may have Clint Eastwood, but it's no secret that President Obama can count more celebrities among his supporters. At the Democratic National Convention, we caught up with one of them: the articulate and charming Alexis Bledel. The Gilmore Girls and Mad Men actress told us what motivated her to become a surrogate for the Obama campaign and shared some advice for women who might feel disengaged from the political process right now. Read on for our interview.

TrèsSugar: Have you always been interested in politics?

Alexis Bledel: I've always been aware of what is going on politically, but it's not something that I paid an enormous amount of attention to until 2008. When I heard Barack Obama speak for the first time I felt he was speaking in a way I could really understand. The way he breaks down the issues, the fact that so many of his values come from his upbringing — what Michelle talked about. I felt like there was so much genuine intent for good. I instantly perked up and got involved in politics at that time.

TS: How can women who are maybe not so interested in politics become more engaged?

AB: I would encourage them to just go to the websites. Go to and just see what he stands for. It's so straightforward what he proposes. It's not hard to understand. I understand not wanting to be engaged in conflict with somebody who might not believe what you believe. But I think it's easier not to feel scared of that if you learn as much as you can, and make a conscious choice. I think a lot of the fear of not wanting to get involved with politics comes from misinformation or lack of information. None of us are ever going to know everything that's going on in Washington, but we can know the basics. And we can know how policies are going to affect or lives, our daily lives.


TS: What motivated you to get involved with the campaign? Keep reading for Alexis's answer.

AB: Over the last four years I've really noticed that President Obama supports the members of our population who really need support. Veterans and their families, students who are trying to figure out how to pay for their educations or how to get jobs once they graduate, women who are striving to have equal pay with men, or people who want to love who they want to love and be able to get married. He really stands up for the middle class also, and I grew up very simply, and I really appreciate the fact that he works so hard so that everyone who works hard in this country can have a fair shot.

TS: Did you watch the Republican convention?

AB: I saw the highlights.

TS: What do you make of the Romney/Ryan ticket?

AB: As a woman, I'm very worried about what the Republicans propose. Women in this country have fought so hard to ensure that we have the rights that we enjoy now. And we still don't even have fair pay with men. We still have to fight. And that's what I realized. I wasn't even aware of some of the discrepancies between the two campaigns — but there's a vast difference between what they're proposing. It couldn't be any different. Just glancing at it you can tell that the two sides are completely divided and for me as a woman it's a very easy choice to go with the president who supports women.

TS: Leading up to November, what will you be doing for the Obama campaign?

AB: I'm a surrogate for the campaign, so I'm excited to see what else I can do. I might go register more voters. There are plans in store. More travel hopefully. Maybe some college campuses.

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