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All Aboard The Jealous Train

Dear Sugar
I have a jealousy problem...I have a boyfriend of 2 years and everything is great, except I tend to get jealous quite often about stuff like him looking at pretty girls on TV and the internet. He also works at a job surrounded by lots of dirty old men constantly encouraging him to cheat and play the field. I hate feeling this way and it eats me up inside. Most of the time I keep my feelings to myself but occasionally I'll say something. And when I do mention how I feel to my boyfriend (he's really great and understanding) he says whatever it takes to make me feel better. But this only lasts a little while and then later, I feel like crap again. We're a good looking couple and in my opinion, most of the time the girls I get jealous of aren't necessarily better looking, but I just feel that in a man's eyes all good looking girls are the same. Even with the constant reassurance of my boyfriend, I still feel as if he is thinking of sleeping with that girl or picturing her naked. Do you think all guys are like that? What should I do about my jealousy? Suspicious Sweetheart

Dear Suspicious Sweetheart
Have you been hurt in the past by another man cheating on you? It seems like you are having trouble trusting your Sweetie. I wonder if it's just him, or if you have felt this way about all of your former boyfriends? Don't get me wrong, lots of women are sensitive about their insecurities which often projects onto their relationships, but you are taking feeling insecure to the scary stop on the jealous train. You have got to control yourself a little bit better. How would you feel if every time you watched TV or were web surfing, your honey was giving you lip? Has he given you any indication at all that he's been with other girls while you have been dating? Or is it that he's just being a guy and telling you what he likes in other girls? If that is the case, he needs to keep quiet. He's only adding fuel to your fire. But -- if it is you that's imagining his infidelities, then you need to learn to trust him or get out of this relationship. Staying is only going to drive you both crazy.

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