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All About Anxiety

Everyone deals with stress; it’s just part of life. But when stress overwhelms your ability to function normally, it becomes something more. Anxiety disorder affects approximately 15 million people in the US, and like depression, it comes in varying degrees and with its own set of social stigmas. Anxiety disorder can begin early or late in life, but in most cases, it's closely linked to family history as well as severe stress.

To learn about the symptoms and treatments of this challenging and common disorder,


Symptoms of anxiety disorders include:

  • Feelings of fear and panic
  • Obsessive thought processes and actions
  • Troubled sleep
  • Perceived shortness of breath
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nausea, dizziness, and muscle tension
  • Clammy hands and a dry mouth
  • The combination of these symptoms is often debilitating and can make even going outside a difficult feat. The treatment for an anxiety disorder can range from medication to cognitive-behavioral therapy, but is certainly manageable with the right treatment.

    Dear’s Advice: If you think this sounds like you, consult a therapist or psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety to learn more. Most importantly, don't be ashamed; you're not alone, and there is help out there.


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