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It appears that folks in Georgia aren't too fond of cross-dressers. We told you about a teen in Kennesaw who quit high school rather than stop cross-dressing, and now Martin Luther King, Jr.'s alma mater Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA has instituted a no dress-wearing clause to its larger dress code policy.

The "Appropriate Attire Policy," which already bans casual attire like do-rags and sagging pants, has now added dresses to the list of casual clothes its male students cannot wear. But the last time I checked, a dress isn't "casual" attire; a dress could actually be considered formal attire. So what's really going on here? If you want to weigh in,

This rule was implemented because of five men on campus who are cross-dressing, according to Dr. William Bynum, Morehouse's vice president for Student Services. "We are talking about five students who are living a gay lifestyle that is leading them to dress a way we do not expect in Morehouse men," he said. Even the campus' gay organization, Morehouse Safe Space, was OK with the ban, voting 24 - 3 in favor of it before it was instituted.

Do you think that a gay man wearing a dress is on par with a barefoot, saggy-pants wearing man in a do-rag, or is this institutionalized homophobia in action?

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