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All-Male Morehouse College Bans Cross-Dressing

It appears that folks in Georgia aren't too fond of cross-dressers. We told you about a teen in Kennesaw who quit high school rather than stop cross-dressing, and now Martin Luther King, Jr.'s alma mater Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA has instituted a no dress-wearing clause to its larger dress code policy.

The "Appropriate Attire Policy," which already bans casual attire like do-rags and sagging pants, has now added dresses to the list of casual clothes its male students cannot wear. But the last time I checked, a dress isn't "casual" attire; a dress could actually be considered formal attire. So what's really going on here? If you want to weigh in,

This rule was implemented because of five men on campus who are cross-dressing, according to Dr. William Bynum, Morehouse's vice president for Student Services. "We are talking about five students who are living a gay lifestyle that is leading them to dress a way we do not expect in Morehouse men," he said. Even the campus' gay organization, Morehouse Safe Space, was OK with the ban, voting 24 - 3 in favor of it before it was instituted.

Do you think that a gay man wearing a dress is on par with a barefoot, saggy-pants wearing man in a do-rag, or is this institutionalized homophobia in action?

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lawdawg08 lawdawg08 7 years
Chouette- no, its a common practice for some professors because their parents didn't let them wear hats inside- i'm sorry that you had to attend a school with such a ridiculous policy. Thankfully i had the good fortune of not being forced to remove my hat inside. Furthermore wearing a hat inside does not encourage cheating- the policies of those schools should be focused on academic achievement making those schools somewhat academically reputable rather then the dress code policies that have absolutely no bearing on academic performance and DOES NOT ENHANCE THE REPUTATION OF THE SCHOOL ONE BIT.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
oftentimes people begin to transition after they've already begun attending an all female or male school. i think there should be a way to accomodate these students.
mermei mermei 7 years
I do sort of wonder if an all-male school is maybe not the ideal college choice for someone who is transgendered or exploring their gender identity. I mean, conflict is pretty much guaranteed.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
honestly i'm not sure what they mean, but there is also transgenderism, which encompasses a galaxy of gender identities that include people who are not physically transitioning into another sex and are often non-genderconforming. this rule could be targeting them and curtail their gender presentation and expression.
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
Is it technically cross dressing if a transsexual M-to-F wo/man wears a dress? Since the person is acting as their gender? Or is it still crossdressing because legally they aren't the right sex to wear a dress? And who says that dresses and skirts are only for women!?
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
@spacekatgal- its sad but in the gay male community there is definitely discrimination against the more effeminate gay boys, trannys, and even against lesbians. the "straight-acting" gay guys are the most popular guys amongst gay men because not only can they pass as straight, they're often the most stereotypically masculine. it's sad but i think it's a form of sexism and misogyny in the gay male community (the worst thing on earth is to be a woman or be woman-like). it's sad.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
@anonymous 8:55pm-rules are made to be BROKEN.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
i think this policy would fall under gender identity/ gender presentation discrimination, and i'm sad that morehouse is inducting such a policy. @honeybrown19 i have to disagree with the idea that seeing someone non-genderconforming will automatically cause a chaotic situation as long as there is a zero tolerance policy for gender identity or presentation discrimination. these are ADULTS going to school, they should eventually have to realize that everyone in the world is not like them and get on with what they have to accomplish, which is completing school and give someone who is not like them to the opportunity to complete school without being harassed. i'm really confused as to how someone ELSE wearing a dress is a distraction. @soulight- i'm kind of ambiavalent about the school of thought that the african american community is exponentially MORE homophobic then other communities, i mean most black lgbts live in black communities. sometimes it's by circumstance (financial and otherwise) but oftentimes it's by choice. but then there is a problem with hypermasculinity in the african american community and that could translate into homophobic attitudes particularly against gay men who are seen as being effeminate no matter how masculine they are. i guess i would say that there IS a problem with homophobia in the black community but not more then any other community.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 7 years
The caps not worn inside is 1) a common courtesy and 2) a way to prevent cheating. As for enforcement, the school's small enough where word travels fast and everyone knows everyone's business.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 7 years
lawdawg08, I think it's funny that you have the biggest issue with the students not being allowed to wear caps inside. It's very common proper etiquette to remove hats indoors and I think almost every school I went to (both public and private) disallowed wearing hats indoors.
lawdawg08 lawdawg08 7 years
Honeybrown I agree with you also, its a private school..but i think the policy goes a little too far.(especially with caps being worn inside). but wonder how they plan to enforce these rules- will their be little hall monitors walking around would the professor call them out and make them leave class? just curious.
lawdawg08 lawdawg08 7 years
Soulight are right. Im from atlanta and my school was private (not the one that instituted this policy) and I think you are right. I mean...3 or 4 students wearing what the college or university consider women's clothing can't seriously cause such a problem. The only thing the students should be focused on is doing well in their respective disciplines or majors. and they banned caps from being worn inside the classroom...i just dont get what they are trying to prove.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
no I said i dont see problems IN MY TOWN, do you want me to be a racist homophobe....kinds sounds like you do so you can be right. are you quoting me directly if so, you need to give me the source of that quote. thanks.
Meike Meike 7 years
Empathy can't be learned if the individual doesn't want to learn. The only people who are thoroughly bothered and distracted by cross-dressers are those who already hold some sort of judgment about them.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
I live in the south, I dont see any problems in my town, we have a LGBT parade every year.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 7 years
It's a private school. They have the option to do as they desire. No, they won't suffer any backlash for it. My husband's an alumnus of the school. We think for the best of all students involved that the policy remain so to not create a potential chaotic situation from happening.
chillchic chillchic 7 years
I wasn't even aware that colleges had dress codes. It's a shame that people can be so paranoid and closed-minded.
soulight soulight 7 years
That line "But last time I checked , a dress isn't considered "casual" attire, a dress could actually be considered formal attire." seriously made me laugh out loud because it is so true! God knows that if I'm wearing a dress, I'm trying to impress somebody. Anywho I think this is sad because it addresses a big issue in the African American community which is homophobia. There are so many stories out there if men (and women) who hid who they are to the detriment of themselves and those around them. Like when men will go on the "down low" where they claim they aren't gay but have sex with men, usually unprotected and leave their wives and girlfriends open to STIs because she thinks they are monogamus (sp) and don't use condoms. Then there are stories where young gay black men come out and are harrassed to the point where they either killed by the bully or they kill themselves. I think this macho attitude that is so highly exaulted in the community, needs to be re-examined.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
i wasnt attacking her looks, I was attacking zac efrons looks. Space how can you explain the gay group on campus agreeing with the ban?
Chouette4u Chouette4u 7 years
I think it's a private school, so they can make whatever rules they want regarding the dress code.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
Space, I answered you already on that post you are mentioning. so give it up.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
maybe its distracting to the other students.
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