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Alternatives to Saying Thank You

Thanks but No Thanks: 19 Ways Brits Don't Say Thank You

Most of the always-polite Brits now only use "thank you" as a last resort when expressing gratitude, and "cheers" has become the preferred way to say thanks.

Forty percent of British people polled said "thank you" sounds too formal — isn't that why there's "thanks"? — and would rather dole out praise with terms like "brilliant," "lovely," and, apparently, "you star 11, all right."

Get the 19 most popular ways below.

  • Cheers
  • Ta
  • That's great
  • Cool
  • OK
  • Brilliant
  • Lovely
  • Nice one
  • Much appreciated
  • You star 11. All right
  • Fab
  • Awesome
  • Wicked
  • Merci
  • Danke
  • Gracias
  • Super
  • Ace

I was going to ask what you preferred, but some of these are just too much. What's the last way you'd want to be thanked?

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