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Dear Sugar
Can you wash delicates in the washing machine? How about drying them? Domestically Clueless

Dear Domestically Clueless
When in doubt, it's always better to hand wash something that you are unsure about. Garments usually come with washing instructions on the tag, but if they are faded or in a different language then err on the side of caution. Rule #1 - separate your colors - even when hand washing. Fill your sink halfway with warm water. Add 1-2 capfuls of a gentle soap such as Woolite or Dreft (infant laundry detergent). Let the clothing soak for a few minutes, and then create friction by rubbing sections of the fabric together to release the dirt. Rinse and repeat until the sink water is clear. Either lay the clothes on a flat surface or hang dry on a plastic hanger or clothesline. Do not machine dry if you are concerned about delicacy, shrinkage or fraying. Never wash silks, wools or anything that has a "Dry Clean Only" warning on the label. Here are some more helpful laundry tips .

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