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Amanda Knox Book

Amanda Knox Sells Her Memoir For a Reported $4 Million

Amanda Knox has sold her memoir to HarperCollins for a reported $4 million. Amanda Knox's life has already been heavily reported and even made into a Lifetime movie, but now the American college student, who spent four years locked up in Italy on charges she killed her roommate, will tell her side of the story. Her story is filled with confusing and intriguing details, and I personally would love to read Amanda's side. What does she make of accusations by the Italian prosecution that she was a she-devil who killed Meredith Kercher as part of a satanic sex game, the alleged sexual harassment she faced at the hands of the Italian prison officials, or her ex and fellow-accused Raffaele Sollecito? What went through her mind when she was initially convicted, and does she really intend to go back to Italy? Those are some of the questions I hope she answers. What about you? Will you add the book to your reading list?

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