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Has President Barack Obama's inauguration turned all of Washington into a bunch of drunken (but happy) fools? First there was Diane Sawyer acting like she'd had one too many glasses of champagne. And now in this clip, the usually composed and articulate Anderson Cooper can't utter a sentence without stumbling — badly. Hangover? Still drunk from the night before? Let's hope these news anchors sober up and get back to work!

macyxmakeup macyxmakeup 8 years
This is so stupid. He is not drunk, because he was perfectly fine in the rest of his hour show. Just because someone messes up a few words does not mean they are drunk. If I worked as hard as he does, I would have messed up more than that from being tired!
Seitan Seitan 8 years
I would never jump to assume that he's drunk from this clip, sleep deprivation and being physically run down can do this to a person too. The hoarseness in his voice in the first segment makes me think that's more likely.
fishfall fishfall 8 years
The media mocking website Gawker made that clip by editing together some stumbles Cooper made. On the same show he was holding intelligent discussions and interviewing people without problem. He was just tired. Cooper had done hour after hour of coverage for days in the freezing cold and went straight back to anchor his show. He was on air late at night the evening before - he showed no sign of alcohol impairment at that time and he was not one of the correspondents reporting from the parties. The clip is funny, but it's bad that Gawker is damaging people's professional reputations for a joke.
mscc mscc 8 years
Thanks goodness he wasn't doing an interview!
brittanyk brittanyk 8 years
I saw this on another site and I couldn't get past how awful he was doing. He's clearly drunk, which is funny, but totally unprofessional.
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