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Anna Chapman's Ex-Husband Interview

3 Signs You Married a Russian Spy

Alex Chapman, the ex-husband of accused Russian spy Anna Chapman, never imagined his wife of four years was the femme fatale of a Russian spy ring. Looking back? There were some red flags.

Her obsession with James Bond movies may be innocent enough, but these three signs are more telling. In hindsight anyway!

  • Dressed up as KGB interrogator during sex: When experimenting with S&M, Anna liked to be the dominatrix dressed up as a Russian interrogator.
  • Followed by men in sports cars: After being denied entry at a Moscow nightclub, a man climbed out of a Lamborghini, had a word with the bouncer, and the two were then whisked right in. Sounds more like the mob, but an omen either way.
  • Produced Russian visas in a jiffy: Anna's father, who Alex now believes to be a former KGB agent, secured him a Russian visa by "bending the rules."

Ultimately, though, the marriage ended after a fight over a joint bank account. And, really, if the suggestion of joint checking sends one person fleeing, it wasn't meant to be.

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