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Anna Faris Quote on Sexting Her Dad

Have You Ever Sexted the Wrong Person?

Ellen DeGeneres got Anna Faris to open up about her sext life this week. Anna explained that she and her husband designated one day a week they would send a steamy text to each other. But one week it went horribly wrong when she accidentally sent her dad this text: "I can't wait to see you in bed tonight." She must not have been ovulating.

I have a reversed but equally embarrassing story. After going on a great first date, I wanted to tell my sister all about it when I got home. She wouldn't answer her phone so I jokingly texted her: "Call me now butt face." Unfortunately, I had a Freudian text slip and sent it to the guy I had just gone on a date with! Thanks to the urgency of my text, I had about 45 seconds before the guy called me. I was mortified and had to explain that I actually just refer to my sister with juvenile nicknames.

Do you have any embarrassing stories to share?

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