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Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty: The Original Fifty Shades Erotic Trilogy

Before E.L. James and her Fifty Shades of Grey made erotica for women so commonplace that soccer moms are reading about BDSM at the playground, there was another blush-worthy book trilogy — Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series — and it's having a comeback. Originally published in the '80s under the pen name A. N. Roquelaure, the trilogy includes Beauty's Release, and it's being rereleased Thursday with newly designed covers and a new preface from the author.

Thanks to the widespread popularity of Christian Grey, this sadomasochistic twist on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale has reemerged from the back shelves, with sales in the first six months of 2012 already double what they were in all of 2011. And Anne Rice is proud enough of the trilogy to nix her pen name and prominently display her real name on the new covers. She's also thankful that the masses are finally accepting female sexuality and erotica. In her interview with The New York Times Anne said:

"In the '80s when these books were published, people really didn't want to talk about them. It was viewed as an outrageous thing to do. The gays were the only people speaking about sexual liberation. Women have just as much right to pornography as men do, and I'm talking about literary porn, erotica. If a woman wants to read about being overwhelmed by a pirate, that's her right."

So if you're on the hunt for more erotica books after finishing the Fifty Shades trilogy, you might want to check out this sexy Sleeping Beauty series!

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marinaeverdeen201115250784 marinaeverdeen201115250784 3 years
Beauty series is nothing like fifty shades. What a way to bank in the success of the fifty saga. There's no romance, and everything is torture and raping.
Tack14814377 Tack14814377 3 years
50 Shades and Sleeping Beauty trilogy aren't even close. Lace By Shirley Conran is closer to 50 Shades. Crimson's Captivation by C. B. Carter is closer to Sleeping Beauty.
MsSc MsSc 4 years
This book is nothing like 50 Shades NOTHIG at all. I picked this book up after reading the cover and thought it would be a good read. I truly think the book company only ready the 1st 30 pages of each book they sell. This book is NOTHING MORE THAN CHILD PORN and i think it sjould be pulled off of evey shelf in the world. I havent been able to keep my food down since friday because of this book. Fifty shades has nothig to do with the RAPE AND TOTURE OF KIDS ...NOTHING AT ALL... KIDS PEOPLE KIDS, WHO ARE 15-18.... THIS IS THE MOST DISTURBED BOOK I HAVE EVER OWNED AND IM SICK TO MY HEART ABOUT THIS BOOK. AND TO MRS. ANNE RICE WHO THINKS ITS OK TO WRITE A BOOK LIKE THIS YOU SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR CHILD PORN. PLEASE IF YOU SEE THIS BOOK IN ANY STORE ASK THE MANAGERS TO REMOVE IT THEY WILL IF U ASK. I HAVE . ABOUT 12 STORES SO FAR
Theresa2965006 Theresa2965006 4 years
You've got to be kidding. Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty similar to 5o Shades of Grey? Have you people even read these books? I read the sleeping beauty trilogy many, many years ago. I read it once and that was enough. It has NO(shouty capitals) plot. It's just random freaky sex. On the other hand 50 Shades of Grey is the most romantic love story that I have ever read and I've read it  times five times. It's about two people who meet and what they go through to accommodate and love one another. Is there sex? Yes.  But the sex is a means to an end. It evolves as the story line evolves. Please to compare these books to one another. It like apples to oranges.
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