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Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partner Writes a TMI Tell-All

If you didn't think last June's weinergate could get more TMI-tastic, with its boxer brief crotch shots and Daily Show-inspired sex fantasy, one of the former Congressman's sextees, Traci Nobles, is coming out with a tell-all ebook, called I Freinded You. On her Facebook page, Traci says she "was motivated by my need for clarity. I wanted to provide clarification for the lies and untruths, both know and unknow." I'm not even sure Traci had five minutes of fame, so does the public really need to have lies they can't even remember clarified?

Either, way she's going for it, and if you're gratuitously interested, here are some excerpts from Traci Nobles's ebook, out Oct. 15. Apparently there's a lot you can learn from a person while sexting.

  • On his in-laws: "When he brought up the intolerance of his in-laws over his religion, I felt sorry for him and this gave me more insight into why he continually told me that I was the 'fun' in his life and understood why he needed an escape." In a text, he wrote: "they just believe I should be muslim or convert."
  • On his sexting avatar: "On the occasions that our talk would turn dirty, there was one time that especially stood out because of a picture Weiner chose for his Yahoo avatar: a picture of his niece. It felt strange to dirty talk with a toddler looking back at me. I was distracted by the photo of his niece; it felt weird, not so sexy."
  • On a recent political debate: Weiner texted, "Knowing you were watching gets me hot, he was so easy," he wrote. "I could have done (it) with my eyes closed."

Traci includes more explicit alleged texts from Weiner in the book, although I'll spare you the really-dirty talk here. And if you're wondering about the typo in the title of the book, Traci also wrote on her Facebook wall that "there is a reason why it is spelled that way." Mysterious!

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