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We all hope that there will be magic and fireworks when we finally have sex with someone we've been dating, but what if you get a surprise? A big surprise? More to the point, I'm wondering if you've ever been with a guy who was well endowed? That is, someone who definitely has more going on below the waist than your average man. Were you pleasantly surprised and excited, or did it make you a little scared and nervous? What about after you slept together: Is there anything wrong with a well-endowed man? Tell me in the comments below!


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MrEddy MrEddy 5 years
Uncut is best
plentygood plentygood 6 years
I think there are a few myths going on here. One is that having a baby, DOES NOT change the size of a woman's vagina. The vagina returns to normal size after childbirth. Ask any gynecologist, and she or he will confirm that for you. In reality, the baby is only in the birth canal for a short time. It's the UTERUS that is stretched where the baby is carried for 9 months. I have two children, and have taken a well-endowed penis the same as before I had them, and years since, after having them. I've been told that my vagina is tight by men of different sizes. Secondly, the size of a woman's body, does not tell you about the size of her vagina. Verify this with a doctor as well if you don't believe me. There are very small women who can accept huge penises, and large women with small ones. If you look at porn, I would argue that the most popular females tend to be small, and they are taking men who are huge. It's just as you can't look at a man's body and tell about his penis size either. My bf is not a large man at all, and he's very large(too my surprise the first time I saw it!) Thirdly, to those who don't believe the number of well endowed lovers some of the women on this posts said they have had, sorry, but some of us are just lucky. Online dating, also permits women to find out a lot about a man before meeting face to face. Also we women these days are just more selective. I used to ask that question when I was dating before I would meet a guy because size is important to me. Some men date only busty women, and no one gets offended by that. It's just personal preference. My boyfriend of one year is large(9-10 inches when erect), and he satisfies me completely because he's gentle, and always takes his time, as well as pleases me orally first much of the time. A larger man should always take his time, and never bang his partner, or of course he WILL hurt her insides. Women, you should be very excited and looking forward to having him enter. If you're afraid or nervous, and tighten up, it WILL hurt. Relax, and enjoy because in my opinion, you'll have much more pleasure, and many more orgasms than with a smaller man. Of course if you love and trust your partner, that's critical to enjoyment.
prissypants prissypants 7 years
being a 52 year old woman I have experienced many sizes of men. I always preferred a more well endowed man. I am petite and little plump and can handle at least 9 hard inches without any problems. I do think that oral needs to come first so you can get lots of lubrication in order for it to just slide in easier. It is amazing how a woman can take something that size. I also noticed that a more endowed man makes me orgasm quicker and more intensely especially if oral was great. I personally don't like a small penis I dated a man once who was barely 5 inches and I just had a hard time enjoying sex with him. Big penises will spoil you.
Simon9 Simon9 7 years
It's gotta be just as embarrassing for a woman to ask' "is it in yet?" as it is for a guy to hear it. Those guys get my sympathy. I knew a fellow who was distinctly under the average size and his wife's first husband was literally twice his size. (4.75" vs 9.5") His wife once admitted (probably during a fight) that she missed her first husband's size. I don't think it ever stopped tormenting him even though they've been married for years and he said he had a good sex life with her. Still, he actually tried talking me into being with his wife just so she could re-experience a large guy (I'm about 9.75"). But he wanted to watch. I declined. It's a strange world.
Simon9 Simon9 8 years
I must be living in the twilight zone based on my reality vs some of the comments I've read here. I'm one of those "big guys". Not what I consider freakishly big (I've seen/known other guys in THAT category) but at approximately 9.5" or so erect, I know I'm larger than most. Yet, I've rarely had problems over the years. Women did not go running in fear. Back in my college days I had lots of partners. They had a great time. And rarely did anyone complain of discomfort, much less pain. I've been married now for a long time, but if memory serves, mostly the women got happily excited by the size thing. Even in recent years, when some women have noticed the bulge (and some DO look) the reactions have varied, but seem to be mostly positive. And a few got suddenly "chummy". Just chiming in with my perspective. Overall, I don't think it's that big a deal. Maybe I've just been lucky and met a lot of large-vagined women. Or maybe I'm just such a marrrrvelous lover.... Simon
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