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Ask E. Jean for DearSugar: Is Dating at Work Off Limits?

Dear E. Jean,

I realize that getting involved with a co-worker is a huge no-no, completely dumb, and bad for a girl’s career. But, this guy at work makes me crazy. He looks like Aaron Eckhart, except handsomer and sexier. We’re in two different departments at a well-known cable news channel (he’s a camera man, I’m a production assistant), but we keep running into one another. He’s adorable, always calls out my name, walks with me back to my office (and seems to have no idea I "accidentally" arranged for us to run into one another). I know he likes me. I know he doesn’t have a girlfriend. And I know you’re going to lecture me about falling for a guy at work. But, what can I do? I think I’m in love. Help! — Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep, Can’t Think.

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MISS CAN’T, my kumquat:
Hell, the only reason to go to work is to meet cute guys. Lecture you? I LURVE you.
Rules against meeting men at work are bullhockey. Some of the wildest, deepest romances in history started at work: Jack and Jackie Kennedy, Bogart and Bacall, Bonnie and Clyde, Barbie and Ken, Angelina and Brad. Come, come. If you’re thrown together with an attractive cameraman day in and day out; and if you can observe the nature, character, humor, genius, and spirit of this cameraman in good times and in bad . . . .Phoo. Of course you’re falling in love. Keep it discreet, darling, and go for it!

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