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Disclaimer: E. Jean is back this week with quite a doozy. I happen to think she's a wee bit harsh this time, but I thought it was only fair to let you chime in and tell us what you think of the advice she's offering Miss Mimi in Miami.

Dear E. Jean,

Hi! I’ve met a handsome doctor. Everyone likes him. He’s really awesome. I just want to get his attention, challenge him, and make him curious about me. Please give me some tips for an effective way to catch him. — Mimi in Miami

To see E. Jean's answer,


Dearest Mimi,

Alas, my charming numbskull, may I speak frankly? I’ve read your email a dozen times, examined your question from every angle, and each time, I’ve reached the same conclusion:

Miss Mimi, you lack the brains to “catch” the doctor. As evidence of your catastrophic nincompoopery, allow me to introduce the unedited version of the letter you sent me:

hi!i have meet handsome doctor everyone likes him he is really awesome,i just want to get his attention,challenge,curious him about me, in reverse.give me some tips how to do an effective way how to catch him — Mimi in Miami

To call this knuckleheaded would insult knuckleheads. However, all is not lost. If, in the next three months you devote a large — large — chunk of time to improving your mind, and if you email me one intelligent sentence (or three semi-witty phrases) well, my darling, then I’ll tell you how to captivate your Dr. Awesome. (But after three months of getting smarter, you’ll probably realize snaring a man is not all that.)

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