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Ask Two Guys About Guys: Why Do Men Who Have Partners Masturbate?

Colin Nissan and Sean Farrell of Don't Be That Guy fame have graciously agreed to answer some burning questions we women folk have about men. So check out their answer to the first question and stay tuned for more!

Today's question to Two Guys: "Why, if men get regular sex from their girlfriends or wives, do some of them still need to masturbate?"

To hear what the Two Guys have to say,


On paper, we know this one doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But then, neither does whacking off into a perfectly good sock and we do that too.


Ever since that magical adolescent day when we discovered there was amusement park in our pants, there was no turning back. We were powerless. Our penis became the puppeteer and when it told us it was time to dance, we danced. Boy, did we dance.

Please don’t make the mistake of taking this personally. For guys, masturbating is as unsexual, unromantic and unceremonial as doing Sudoku. It’s simply our default time killer. If there’s a two-minute lull at any given moment, our brain’s job is to assess the situation to determine the viability of a tug session. It’s very similar to the “Fight or Flight” adrenaline response, which incidentally, has been formally updated in some periodicals as “Fight, Flight or Masturbate Syndrome.”

Remember, this isn’t about you. It’s about us, our penises, maybe some lotion and the biological demons that we certainly can’t be held accountable for.

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