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A good relationship is hard to come by, but falling for someone a friend once loved, liked, or entertained can cause a riff in the best of friendships. As friends, we'd like to think we'd rise above it — say something like "If he has to date someone, I'm glad it's you" — but emotional virtue is easier in theory than real life.

If we can't curb our emotions then we can at least try to control our behavior, leaving us with two options: keep quiet and hope it blows over, or ask a friend to put your friendship first by refraining from future flirtations. Exes and longtime crushes are obvious contenders, but platonic friends and one-night stands can be just as contentious. If you've ever drawn a line, what guy was it for?

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RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Ohh this is tricky. I don't measure those things by what I feel, but by what my friend would feel. Which, if they have several exes I know. may be different for each one of them (if it was an amicable split, they may be totally okay with anything, for example). I'm in an open relationship, and I have hooked up with some people whom a female friend of mine knows as well, and she always asks me before even talking to them if I'd be cool with it if she got naked with them. I think that's so sweet of her, because those people can only be considered friends with benefits at best.
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