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Astrology Compared to Racism

Pisces and Prejudice: Astrology Gets Compared to Racism

Last week our very core was shaken when we thought our zodiac signs had changed, because the Earth's position in the universe has moved. Then we all exhaled when astrologists said they saw this coming and have been factoring in this movement all along, so we all went back to being Geminis and Scorpios, albeit with an extra dose of skepticism. But with the zodiac's credibility in retrograde, it's the perfect time to wage a star war; the perfect time to compare astrology to racism.

Now if you've ever been annoyed by someone asking your sign and only to respond by sizing you up, you're going to like this. Astrology's compared to racism because signs are determined by when and where we're born, neither of which we have control over, and then others use it to formulate opinions (prejudices) about us. Once astrology zealots know our sign, they look for behaviors — say impatience in Aries or emotional instability in Cancers — to confirm their hypothesis.

The difference, of course, is in how it's used. Since astrology hasn't waged any wars to my knowledge, I'd say it's not quite the same. But when followed excessively, is it a form of prejudice?

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