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Australian Slang

Australian Slang Quiz

Happy Australia Day! To celebrate the holiday in the land Down Under, we've got an Aussie slang quiz that'll help you not sound like a berk in front of your mates. So knock down a schooner and test your Australian lingo skills now!

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What are bangers?

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Which of the following words doesn't mean idiot?

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T/F: A passionate kiss is called a plodder.

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Which of the following means booze?

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Which of these isn't a name for a penis?

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T/F: If you're spunky that's a bad thing.

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What's a brown-eyed mullet?

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An old cheese is a . . .

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Which of these means to vomit?

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T/F: Dinky di means the real deal.

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Which of these doesn't mean drunk?

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AussieDon AussieDon 4 years
G'day. Only a Pommie or a Kiwi would call a penis a doodle. What ya doing? Doodling mate! Or hes a doodler (another name for a bludger). What did you do today? Doodle mate. Means little or nothing. Also only a Drongo would call his mum an old cheese. I mean you’d have to a few roos loose in the top paddock – cause she’d wack ya one mate. Although my old cheese (that's wife) tells me she calls her mum the Old Cheese - but she is a Mexican, you know from N.S.W i.e. south of the boarder for us Canetoads.
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