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Awkward! Hit On — Online— by Someone You Know

I have a friend who seems to have every online-dating horror story in the cache. Guys she dated two years ago write her because they don't remember her. Yet they like what they see — again! Guys she knows write her, not because they don't recognize her, but because it's easier (I imagine) than asking her out in real life. This hasn't happened once or twice, but she has stories that you could finish at least one cocktail to. She even once found a newly ex-boyfriend on a dating site that said they were a four-star match. Ha!

So how does one handle these imperfect matches the Internet makes? Get into a fight? Not recommended. Ignore? Not a bad choice if you never have to see the person again. Go on a date? Only if you want to. But what if you don't want to date him but do want to minimize future awkwardness?

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