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We love sharing awkward situations around here so you can all weigh in with some advice! Join our Awkward! group to share etiquette questions and stories with other readers.

Today, I want to share an uncomfortable situation my friend finds herself in:

When visiting my boyfriend's hometown, we went to his friend's party. I got to talking to another guest and he confided in me that his wife had just left him for another man. He had been with his wife since he was 18, so I started telling him that he should enjoy the things he couldn't do while he was in a relationship. He said he felt like traveling, and I said: "Oh! You should totally visit San Francisco, where I live." Fueled by a couple glasses of wine, I went on and on about how nice it is in my city, hoping to convince him that a little travel would do him well. I didn't really think I was inviting him to stay with my boyfriend and me. Well the next day he sent me a long message on Facebook asking when would be a good time for him to come stay with us in SF! He's not really a friend of my boyfriend, although they have a mutual friend, and I only met him at that one party! I have no idea if I should just be friendly and let him stay, or tell him that I'm really busy for the next few months.

What would you do?

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