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A friend of mine is looking for a new place after her roommate, who also happens to be her co-worker, asked her to move out. Here are the extremely awkward details:

I moved in with my co-worker, who is also a friend, about three months ago. Things had been going relatively well until this one week when she started acting cold toward me. I figured she was having a bad week, so I just gave her some space around the house and at work. Then out of the blue, she told me she wants me to move out. Technically she can tell me to leave because I'm not on a lease. Her parents own the place. She told me that she thought it was too hard to spend that much time with me, since we worked for the same company and lived together.

I'm so frustrated. I just got situated in my place. It's going to be expensive and inconvenient to move again, but I can't exactly make her let me stay. I would just suck it up and move on with my life, but even after I do that I need to face her at work!

Do you have any advice to offer my friend? (And if you have some awkward tales of your own, join our Awkward! group to share etiquette questions and stories with other readers.)

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