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Awkward! New Boyfriend's Mom Adds You on Facebook!

Awkward! New Boyfriend's Mom Adds You on Facebook!

I was chatting with my friend the other day when she told me about a horrifyingly awkward thing that happened to her. She just started dating a new guy, and things were going pretty smoothly until— she found a friend request from his mother waiting for her when she logged onto Facebook!

My friend had never met the mom, and she felt uncomfortable making her first impression through a Facebook page. My friend explained that even though she has nothing to hide on her profile, it didn't feel right accepting. But she also didn't want to offend the mom by rejecting her request.

She spoke to her boyfriend, and he said he wouldn't care if she rejected. As of our conversation, my friend had decided to leave her new beau's mother in friendship-limbo. What would you do?


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