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Axe The Ex

Dear Sweet Sugar
My live in boyfriend of a year and a half maintains a chummy relationship with his ex-girlfriend/first love. They talk on the phone and get together often but mysteriously I have never met her. I am secure in my relationship and have been told by all of his friends what a great couple we make and how much he and his ex used to argue but I cannot help but be concerned. He claims that she is one of his best friends (barf). So, if she is really one of his best friends why have I not met her, I have met all of his other best friends. I am not a jealous girl but when it causally comes up in conversation that he hung out with his ex it makes me wonder what is going on. Exasperated By The Ex

Dear Exasperated By The Ex
Ew! I am with you 100%, I wouldn't like it either. That's a bit weird. If they are as good of friends as he claims then you should have met her by now. The good thing is that he's probably not cheating if he's admitting to seeing and talking to her, but it still doesn't make what he's doing ok if it bothers you. You are his current girlfriend and he needs to be sensitive to your feelings. Why is he keeping the two of you separate? Lots of guys don't understand why their new girlfriends don't want them hanging with their ex's, even when it's just on a platonic level. You aren't alone on this one. He’s only hurting your relationship by forcing you to wonder about what’s going on with them. Trust is a very fragile thing, and he’s pushing you to your limit.

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