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Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged Sales Surge as Economy Falls

Last year dates were getting kicked to the curb for putting Ayn Rand books on their shelves and online profiles, yet this year her most popular book, Atlas Shrugged, has been flying off store shelves and onto Amazon's best-seller list. Today it's perched at no. 50. Not bad for 51-year-old book.

Why so popular again? The sci-fi tale of economic Armageddon has been looking more like science than fiction to die-hard libertarians, who value individualism, self-interest, and laissez-faire capitalism. Depending on your Ayn Rand feelings (and, trust me, people have them), you can blame or thank the economy, President Obama, and the government bailout. It's gotten to the point where book sales peak on days of major government interventions, like the bank-buying spree and stimulus passing.

But as The Economist points out, there's nothing new in the book's sales history: Whenever the government intervenes, Atlas Shrugged's sales rise. Even if the reason is as simple and modern as a poorly named Facegroup called Read the News Today? It’s Like Atlas Shrugged Is Happening in Real Life today.

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