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Baby Survives Abortion, Living Healthy Life

A baby thought to be terminated eight weeks into the pregnancy has survived. The parents are an English couple who chose to have an abortion because their first son had died from a kidney disease, and their second was born with serious kidney damage and is currently living with one kidney.

Jodie, the mother, says that she was taking birth control when she became pregnant with Finley. After the abortion procedure, she felt flutters in her stomach and returned to the doctor to find out she was in fact 19 weeks pregnant.

Because the abortion happened so early in the pregnancy, and the fetus was so small, the doctors missed it. At first Jodie was angry, but she decided to give her son a second chance at life.

The baby was born with minor kidney damage, and is expected to live a normal life. Finley truly has some determination to live — considering he beat out birth control and an abortion. Is this story a miracle, or a tragedy?


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octgirl62 octgirl62 8 years
if i were a victim of rape or incest i still wouldn't have an abortion. yeah, it would be awful, but why punish the baby for it? Yeah, the baby was a result of something terrible, but something good could come out of it. If this happened to me and I knew I couldn't deal with the baby, I would give it up for adoption. I could never kill a child, no matter what the situation is. That's me though. I know others feel differently.
octgirl62 octgirl62 8 years
I'm pro choice all the way, but I can understand the parents concern over the health of the baby. After all there first two had bad health issues. I personally could never have an abortion because I believe it is murder. This child is here in spite of birth control and abortion. This baby is meant to be. He sure is a cute little guy.
Captious Captious 8 years
I'm happy the kid is alive but man how much is knowing his parents tried to NOT have him going to mess him up? =/
gabiushka gabiushka 9 years
Ask any child, handicapped or not, any person with a disease or healthy, if they would have liked their mothers to abort them. We would get interesting numbers ha? Life is precious and the proof is within ourselves.
michelleannette michelleannette 9 years
i'm just glad that the mother changed her mind after hearing the news. it must have been hard because with their history it would be heartbreaking to lose another child or have another one whose quality of life will not be that great. miracle or not...this kid sure wanted to see the world.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
I would think unfortunately. I should have half the say, as a man.
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 9 years
Well, luckily, that decision isn't up to you.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
I messed up that quote and I want to clarify, before I get beaten (and I should for including the rapes). I agree wholeheartedly that abortions should be available in that case, or in the case of incest. As for mistakes, abortion should not be an option.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
"but mistakes happen, rapes happen, and people sometimes just MESS UP" OK, so carry the kid for 9 months (like punishment), and then give the baby up for adoption if you don't want it. Better yet, try abstinence if you don't want to have a kid.
Cassandra57 Cassandra57 9 years
UnDave: I don't think it was a terribly late abortion. She had originally gone for the abortion at eight weeks. The nineteen-week event was when she felt additional symptoms and went back to the doctor.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 9 years
I am appalled at some of these people's comments about how horrible abortion is. Sure, we should all be more responsible for our actions prior to getting pregnant, but mistakes happen, rapes happen, and people sometimes just MESS UP. Don't limit the rights of women to decide what is best for them. Women are smart enough to know if they are ready or not ready to have children.
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 9 years
I agree with kcwebgirl. It was obviously meant to be. If I were the mother, I would acknowledge the miracle of my son and try to appreciate what happened. She kept the baby, so hopefully, things work out for the family.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
I wish you would. I'd honestly like someone to explain it to me.
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 9 years
Because if she was pregnant beyond the first-second trimester, she was going to keep that child, thus giving her intended placement(some rights). The rest is obvious and im not going to argue that.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
This is an incredible shame. Why did they wait so long to have the abortion? I have worked with handicapped children, and have a family in our congregation who continued having children after the 2nd one was found to be a severe downs child. I agree that we can't make abortion illegal, but we should sterilie all women who get one. If they don't want children, then let's make it so they can't have children. On a similar note, why is it 2 counts of manslaughter if I get into an accident and kill a pregnant woman (even on accident), and yet abortion isn't murder?
Cassandra57 Cassandra57 9 years
I'm pro-choice, but not pro-abortion. This is exactly the kind of case where I think an abortion is well-advised. All of you who are opposed to abortion under any circumstances: Have you ever worked with handicapped children? Seen the effect on a family of a child born with a terminal illness? Tried to place a crack baby or a child with severe fetal alcohol syndrome in a good adoptive family? I suspect not. If a child is doomed to misery before they are born, IMO it's kinder not to inflict that life on them. Would you rather that baby be raised by a single parent with major issues of her/his own? The picture attached to this story is adorable. However, the picture in the linked story is just as cute. Does poor Finley look terrified, or what? Here's how you explain the story to him: he's not a failed abortion, he's just a *very* tough baby who was *really* meant to be!
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 9 years
Im so not convinced that the doctor "missed it". Uh, no Wtf did he/she extract then? It's not beyond anti-choice doctors to take these kinds of jobs. Nonetheless, im wondering what in their dna enables their children to be born with kidney issue, lets face it, it's them.
ohjeeze ohjeeze 9 years
hynoticmix, I was thinking the same thing what exactly did they takeout of her? Was it fat, tissue or was this one of those fake abortion clinics? KJerabek, you do know that is not the actual boy right?
KJerabek KJerabek 9 years
This just goes to show abortion is never the answer...look at the beauty that little guy brings into the world.
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
rac, no one is saying that the kid will grow up and save the world, and it would be unrealistic(as well as totally unfair) for anyone to hold him to higher standards than any other kid. It's just a miracle that he was born despite the odds :)
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
That stock photo is so precious. And I am pro-life, so I think this story is amazing and a miracle. But I don't think you have to be pro-life to realize that this child was born for a reason and to celebrate the child as the miracle that it is-- that all babies are. But ITA w/Coldplayer, it will be pretty hard to explain this to the kid when he's older...
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 9 years
Well I can see that if he is thrust as the leader of some cult and or is totally manipulated on that point yes he would be a victim, but something tells me that his parents are not so lunatic.
janneth janneth 9 years
hypno, added edge of admiration and on a pedestal? or held to a higher standard and victim of unrealistic expecations?
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 9 years
Well I think we all agree that it was medical procedure that went awry rac. regardless of belief in a higher power or not. What we know about the realm of fate is about the same we know about the known Universe really not much at all, so that is why I pass on declaring it a miracle. Like I said birth control is not full proof and babies by pass that net more than people realize. Human error on the Dr. part is also not uncommon. Look at all of the malpractice suites out there. This child will be something special in life though, because the very circumstances of his début will indulge people in his life to hold him on a pedestal even if it's only done sub-consciously. He will always have that added edge of admiration of how he came to be and the mystery of whether he is a miracle or not won't hurt either.
raciccarone raciccarone 9 years
Colorme ... you so funny. Hypno: No, I wasn't being devil's ad. People are saying this kid is bound to grow up something special because of a botched abortion. As though this was God's plan. Give me a break. It was a medical procedure that went awry, not fate.
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