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While visiting a friend a state away, you end up meeting a really great man. You guys keep getting to know each other even once you’re back home, and things start to turn more serious than just a flirty friendship. He’s moving within an hour of you in three months so you decide to just let things happen naturally, but you're growing more and more attached. The problem is you start noticing a pattern that you just can’t get away from. Would it be worse if . . .

This: Every time you get on the phone with him, you’re confronted with an onslaught of the most over-the-top, sickly sweet baby talk you’ve ever heard? The only time you can get him to stop is you start getting into a little sexy chatter.


That: Every time you guys get past the pleasantries, he falls into a dirty talk tirade that just seems to gain momentum as you guys go along? It wouldn’t be so bad if he kept it to the phone-sex encounters, but instead it’s just constant.

Well, which conversation style is worse?


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