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The Bachelor Ben F's Premiere

6 Reasons Bachelor Ben's Season Will Be Craziest Yet

Host Chris Harrison always promises the current season of The Bachelor will be the most exciting one yet, but if last night's premiere of Ben Flajnik's season is any indication, this may take the rose for the craziest one. While we initially thought the old lady contestant would be the newsmaker, she turned out to be the least of the dramatic moments from the night. From this first episode alone we've gathered some clues as to how Ben's search for "the one" will unfold. Check them out below and let us know in the comments if you agree!

  • Possible girl-on-girl love: The first feud has begun, between Carrie-Bradshaw-wannabe Jenna and mean girl Monica, who's more interested in her new lady friend than Ben. Watch the video above to see this season's inaugural cat fight evolve into lesbian territory.
  • Drunk drama: Jenna's disastrous, alcohol-fueled night began with her forgetting the quote she was going to wow Ben with when they first met, creating a very awkward introduction. Then an extremely emotional Jenna spent the rest of the first night talking nonsense, fighting with Monica, and crying in the bathroom so long she was the last contestant to the rose ceremony. Miraculously, she still received a rose.
  • Brunettes for the win: As soon as the ladies started spilling out of the limos Ben made a comment that he liked the brown-haired beauties, then five out of the seven girls he booted were blondes (naturally or otherwise). Plus, we could've sworn the "in this season of The Bachelor" glimpses of his final lady showed a brunette.
  • Stripping down: According to the promos, Ben and one of his ladies (who looks like Courtney, the model) bare more than their souls to each other. We see the pair strip down to their birthday suits before frolicking in the ocean, which Ben tells People isn't a big deal. "I have no problem with male nudity. When a beautiful woman asks you to go skinny-dipping on the beach, you don't say no. Granted there are cameras around, but it's a bare butt. It's not that big of a deal to me."
  • Scent of desperation: If the over-the-top antics of this initial episode are any indication, this season is full of some desperate women. From the rapping to the soccer playing to the horseback riding to the contestant who brought her grandma for good luck, the ladies managed to find very creative ways to try to get the bachelor's attention. And it worked for some, the girl who arrived via horse, Lindzi, received the first impression rose!
  • Ex-files: In the promos for the season we see a woman surprising Ben in San Francisco, much to the chagrin of the other contestants. It could be an ex-girlfriend, past Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant, or maybe even Jennifer Love Hewitt!

After the jump, see what's coming up in this season of The Bachelor!

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