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The Bachelor Ben Winner

Who Do You Think Ben Will Choose?

On The Bachelor last week, Ben Flajnik met the families of the final four contestants Kacie, Nicki, Lindzi, and Courtney. But while most of the families made great impressions on Ben, he didn't seem to click with Kacie's ultra-conservative and intimidating parents. After all, her nondrinking dad probably didn't imagine his little girl marrying a winemaker. And sadly, Ben sent a teary Kacie home in the limo.

Ben did, however, have a grand ol' time channeling his inner cowboy shopping for boots with Nicki in Texas and riding horse-drawn carriages with Lindzi (and her dad, Harry Cox — no joke). And he had even more fun playing pretend wedding with model Courtney, who planned their faux big day for her hometown date, officiant and vows included. So now that it's down to these three ladies (check out their highs and lows here), who do you think Ben will give his final rose to: Nicki, Lindzi, or Courtney?

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Gwendolyn101 Gwendolyn101 5 years
Ben should really should pick Lindzi, she seems like an amazing woman and shes gorgeous. Courtney is disgusting and ugly she gives me the shivers everytime her face pops up on the screen not attractive at all. I don't think she really loves Ben if she keeps telling everyone she's winning like this show isnt about winning its not a freakin game. Its trying to find someone to get to know and start to really love and see if you have a connection toward them. Courtney is dumb b**** 
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 5 years
I think Courtney...but I'm not happy about it. But if she makes him happy then, oh well right?
gymrat87 gymrat87 5 years
He picked Courtney weeks ago when he went skinny dipping with her. He clearly had no interest - or respect - for any of the other women. It's obvious.
gymrat87 gymrat87 5 years
He picked Courtney weeks ago when he went skinny dipping with her. He clearly had no interest - or respect - in any of the other women. It's obvious.
Kelly-Schwarze Kelly-Schwarze 5 years
@Annie Scudder@Molly Goodson How does a fake wedding, with pretend vows not scare a Bachelor off?
Annie-Gabillet Annie-Gabillet 5 years
@Molly Goodson Right. But when she staged a fake wedding and had Ben write vows and recite them last night, he seemed to like it. So maybe they're meant for each other?
Molly-Goodson Molly-Goodson 5 years
I do not even watch this show, but I know that Courtney should not be in this final three...right?!
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