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The Bachelorette Ashley Hebert

5 Reasons Ashley Needs Her Girlfriends

Watching Ashley last night on The Bachelorette was like watching a long, drawn-out car crash. Hearing her cry and sigh over her lost love Bentley, who we all know is a soulless jerk, was so painful that only a drinking game (drink every time Ashley mentions "Bentley") kept my friend and me from losing our marbles. While we sat there dismayed that she could be so clueless about the show's "worst villain ever," my friend said, "this is what happens when you're separated from all your girlfriends." Exactly! What Ashley really needs to help her process these relationship decisions are her girlfriends (sorry, Chris Harrison, you can't quite fill those shoes, er, heels). Here are five reasons the bachelorette needs her besties.

  • Tough love: She needs her girlfriends to knock some sense into her, and I don't mean in the boxing ring. Guess what, Ashley, Bentley is gone, move on. Are you really pouting about one guy who left you when you have 11 guys who are obsessed with you? Get it together. And her friends would be able to see Bentley for the scumbag he is — sometimes you need outside perspectives from the people you trust to see a bad guy's true colors.
  • Shoulder to cry on: Yes, Ashley needs to move on, but she also needs to allow herself to be sad about losing someone she cared about. Maybe if she had been able to talk through Bentley leaving with a friend and really get all those emotions out, she would have been able to get past it and start fresh with the other guys.
  • Fug radar: I'm sorry, but some of the fellas she's keeping around are a bit on the fugly side. We all have those friends, or have been them ourselves, who keep a guy around because he's nice, even though there's no sexual chemistry. She needs her friends to tell her straight up, "why are you keeping him around if you're not attracted to him?"
  • Loosen up: Ashley is so stressed out, I get anxiety just watching her. What she really needs are some gal pals around to laugh with and put things in perspective. She's taking everything so seriously right now and is so tightly wound she can't even enjoy the process. It's even causing her to make rash decisions like kicking off both Ben F. and William on the two-on-one date. A much-needed, girls-only venting sesh would help her relax and clear her mind.
  • Confidence boost: Why in the world is Ashley so down on herself? She is so self-conscious about the guys not liking her or wishing the bachelorette had been Emily (and that nightmare roast didn't help), she can't even see that these guys are head over heels for her. She needs her friends to give her a heart to heart about all of her strengths and how she's a great catch.

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