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The Bachelorette Emily Maynard and Ryan

Ryan Tells Emily He Wouldn't Be OK With Her Getting Fat

On last night's The Bachelorette, Emily had some romantic one-on-one dates that involved climbing a building, being serenaded by country crooners, and lots of makeout sessions. But the most interesting bits involved the bachelors behaving badly.

Several of the men seemed to be taking dating pointers from a book on what not to do when trying to woo a woman. Kalon bluntly told Emily to stop talking so he could finish and Alessandro got the boot for telling her marriage and kids would be a "compromise" for him. But it was personal trainer Ryan who had the worst foot-in-mouth moment, as he thought it was perfectly OK to tell Emily — in front of her best friends, no less — that he wouldn't approve of her getting fat after getting married. His exact words were, "I'd still love you, I just wouldn't love on you as much." Emily tried to laugh it off, but come on, how dumb and superficial could he be? Well, he must have had some residual points left over from his one-on-one date in the previous episode because she kept him on. Watch the cringe-y clip now!

Gracebewithyou Gracebewithyou 5 years
And when she gets old, gray, frail and forgetful? What then? I can see where he may be turned off by her getting fat. I, frankly, can understand that. If he wanted a fat woman, he would have looked for one. Many women are very turned off by fat men. I know I have been very depressed about all the weight I have gained and don't like myself, one bit, for it. I do not condemn him for that. I imagine it would be similar to a woman being turned off when a man loses his wealth. TRUE love would not discard either.
campbrad campbrad 5 years
It may be true, but who would actually say that!!!
Devilsfood Devilsfood 5 years
Watch out Ryan, it works both ways. Better not stop your personal training career.
josecabrera513 josecabrera513 5 years
Its pretty natural for a man to lose physical attraction towards a female when she gains weight. I don't see whats so appalling about that notion, its simply the truth.
Angelica Angelica 5 years
Emelie-Burnette Emelie-Burnette 5 years
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