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Is Bad Grammar a Turnoff?

Does Poor Grammar Turn You Off?

"Let me know what your up too." Such was a text message my friend received the other night from a guy she just started seeing. The missing e in your and the extra o in too nearly made her call the whole thing off. I had to talk her down from the deal-breaker ledge, explaining that it was most likely a typo, but I bet a couple of their/they're mix ups and the budding romance will die.

Thanks to Twitter, text messages, and quick emails sent via smart phones, the opportunity for grammatical or spelling mistakes has multiplied to the displeasure of grammar police everywhere. Sometimes this obsession goes too far, and people can't help but correct every mistake they come across. The New York Times took a look at the anal-retentive tendency, explaining: "A small but vocal subculture has emerged on Twitter of grammar and taste vigilantes who spend their time policing other people’s tweets — celebrities and nobodies alike."

Policing Twitter for grammatical errors is quite an undertaking, but what about in your love life? Do you have zero tolerance for bad grammar?

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