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Ballerina Dances to "Soulja Boy"

A Ballerina Who Can Crank 'Dat

I'm beginning to think this Soulja Boy phenomenon will never fizzle. In an unexpected twist of "wha?," the song caught the attention of the ballet world. It's no secret that ballerinas are generally uptight by practice and snobbish by design, so the fact that this brood would even give the rap a revelé is surprising — but who's complaining? The chick below has skill and soul. Perhaps she could give these wannabes a few pointers?

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Arias101 Arias101 9 years
"It's no secret that ballerinas are generally uptight by practice and snobbish by design" Excuse me? I have great friends who dance ballet, I go to a school where ballet can be taken as a class and I promise you that are some of the most relaxed, friendly, and sweet people I know. Yes they take what they do seriously, but it's their passion. They work part time jobs and live in all kinds of neighborhoods. That is very closed minded and cruel, maybe you should actually have a conversation with one before making those judgements.
CurvatudeBlog CurvatudeBlog 9 years
i cant stand the bloody song although its catchy and this is cute but there is an even better one on ytube with a large group doing ballet..
bellaressa bellaressa 9 years
LMAO, love how everyone love the culture.
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
if only they knew what the song was REALLY about.
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