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A Band of Wives Community

Sister Wives: Women Who Want Nonkinky Wives

Elena Kagan may be close to Supreme Court confirmation, but she didn't get here without years of hard work and weeks of having her sexuality questioned by examining her hobbies, clothes, and how she sits.

None of this answers the is-she-gay question, but it does illustrate another issue: another single, childless woman reaches the top. Is that what it doesn't take? The new social-networking site, A Band of Wives, would probably say yes. It attributes men's success to having wives, and asserts women could reach the same level if only they had wives.

Men's ability to succeed professionally has been to a large degree supported by them having wives. After centuries of meaning more or less "unpaid laborer" the word "wife" is due for some serious rebranding. The word "friend" has been so tainted by frenemies, rotating BFFs and being able to de-friend with a click of a mouse that we now need a new term for our closest friends and allies: WIVES.

We all need wives. Not in any weird kinky way, but life is more complicated and stressful and we need deep connections with each other to live happier, healthier lives.

I bet lots of money would do, too. Girlfriends may make the best friends, but the problem with forging "deep connections" is that it's so forced. Calling your online friend "wife" is like sorority members calling each other "sister" but worse. Yes, women could benefit from more help and deeper connections, but don't we have to find that on our own?

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prblms4loki prblms4loki 7 years
I'm sorry, but I will knock you down if you insult one of my sisters, any one of the 60 plus girls that have been in my chapter. Please don't disparage it. We call each other sisters because we will honestly be there for each other no matter what. It's true that we're not all best friends, but how many sisters do you know that are all best friends? What's important is that we are all there for each other no matter what and I think that's the idea behind wives. I don't think money will do it, I think it's forging that deep connection between friends and women that we all need.
Yesi-Jukebox Yesi-Jukebox 7 years
I can understand the idea of the Band of Wives. I do agree that it is helpful to have a support system behind you, and feel like you are being taken care of. I do also think that we gain success on our own merit - wherever it is in our lives that we find success - but I guess this is supposed to be equivalent to someone using a dating site to find a spouse. Personally, I don't have a girlfriend I've been trying to find a woman in my life I can call a best friend so maybe that's why I see this site as something useful.
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