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Barack Obama: Is America Ready For an Un-Funny President?

George W. Bush may have his critics, but comedians should not be among those eager to have him leave the public stage, especially if the un-funny Obama becomes president.

Bill Clinton's womanizing, Al Gore's monotone persona, and George W. Bush's trouble with words define them in "funny" terms. But no one can seem to pin down what defining characteristic makes Obama funny. Jon Stewart shared what his team has come up with: “Our take is that he’s positioning himself to be on a coin.” Um, ha ha?

Others think political correctness has killed America's sense of humor, along with the candidate's. Rumor has it that Obama told Maureen Dowd of the NY Times that he is hypersensitive to remarks about his ears. And of course there is the "race factor" — white writers and comedians tend to stay away from that subject.

Perhaps comedians have gotten lazy over the last eight years. After all, you just have to roll a tape of Bush talking to, or dancing with, a foreign leader to get outbursts of laughter. You might remember the 2004 lampoon of Bush and Kerry by the Jib Jab team — the parody of This Land is Your Land? Well, they're baaa-a-ck! Check it out and see if this is the way to funny up '08.


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