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Barack Obama Plans to Close Guantanamo Bay

Barack Obama Plans to Close Guantanamo Bay

Behind the scenes, President-elect Obama is creating a plan to close Guantanamo Bay, and move numerous terrorist suspects to the United States. The detainees, currently in legal limbo, will most likely face trial in the US criminal justice system or be released.

A review of military tribunal files recently revealed that a good amount of the 255 detainees have significant terrorism credentials, such as connections to al Qaeda leaders, assassination experience, and training in the use of poison and disguises. Under Obama's plan, detainees whose cases involve classified and extremely sensitive evidence will most likely go to new courtrooms designed to handle national security cases. Military tribunals would no longer prosecute detainees outside of the US.

Are you happy to see that most detainees will be tried publicly in the United States, or do you think Guantanamo is necessary to win the war on terror?


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