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Business Booty Basics

Editor's note: The following is a guest post written by Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent, authors of How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, How to Love Like a Hot Chick, and the upcoming Live Like a Hot Chick. Today they're sharing the basics of hooking up with a colleague.

  1. Most importantly, try really hard to avoid getting involved in an office romance to begin with! Mixing business with pleasure can be more intoxicating and destructive than combining Long Island Ice Teas with a box of red wine.
  2. Speaking of which, colleagues and alcohol shouldn’t mix, either. One too many happy hour martinis and the semi-cute office boy is going to start looking a lot cuter than he really is.
  3. If you’re going to avoid rule #1, make sure it’s worth it! Ask yourself, "Is this date or hookup worth possibly losing my job, going on endless interviews, and eating Ramen noodles three times a day over?"
  4. You may think it’s cute to be your married colleague’s "office wife," but trust us when we tell you that it’s not cute to get involved with a married man no matter what. Doing so tells the universe that you’re too lame to ever deserve a healthy relationship, so focus on work when you’re at work and find your own man when you’re off the clock.
  5. If you do engage in an office romance, remember to deny, deny, and then deny some more! Your co-workers will be able to smell the interoffice sex on you like too much Axe Effect, but 'fessing up to it would be like adding fuel to the fire that you’re already playing with.
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