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Beach Books and Totes For Women

19 Beach Books You Should Totes Read This Summer

Tender YA stories of first love and friendship, a laugh-out-loud family vacation saga, historical fiction that transports you to exotic locales — plus a nostalgic thriller set in a haunted amusement park, a few breezy chick lit novels, a memoir about a Harlequin editor finding love, and a passionate coming-of-age story of affairs and family secrets — we've got your Summer vacation reading covered. You won't be able to put down these light, fun, and enthralling reads on this crazy thing called love. Books, check. But for added fun, we've paired each beach read with a tote to stash it in. So grab your paperback and your bag; last one to the beach is a rotten egg!

Be sure to check out our 2016 reading challenge for even more bookish fun this Summer.

The Vacationers, about a family whose various relationships come to a head
Alena in this
Beautiful Ruins to the beach in this
One Plus One, with this
Eleanor & Park is about high school first love, so it's only fitting you'd
Joyland (which features an unexpected love story) belongs in this
Since You've Been Gone, belongs in this
The Rosie Project, about a socially awkward professor who uses a scientific
This One Is Mine, is a satirical look at life and love in modern-day
We Were Liars, in this
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