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You'd Have to Be a Beast to Turn Down This Disney Proposal

Jun 6 2014 - 12:30pm

It may be a tale as old as time, but Beauty and the Beast [1] is as modern as ever. The live-action Beauty and the Beast [2] film is in the works, and an artist has just created an epic mural of the classic Disney princess movie to propose to his girlfriend. According to Yahoo! Shine [3], it took two days and 30-plus cans of spray paint for Henry Barnes to create his 50-foot Beauty and the Beast-themed mural for girlfriend of three years Stacey Smith. Talk about a very public proposal! After completing the masterpiece, Henry invited Stacey to coffee nearby so that they would just nonchalantly walk past the mural. When she figured it out, she naturally started crying and said yes.

Check out the mural below, and see more incredible graffiti art by Henry Barnes on his Flickr [4].

Source: Disney [5]

Source: Flickr user fiverone [6]

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