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Been Caught Job Searching At Work

Dear Sugar
I've been miserable at work lately and have been looking around. I recently received a call from a recruiter for another company who asked me to fax in some paperwork immediately. I ran to my office fax machine and did so, not realizing it prints out a copy of your cover page. Our HR guy came and delivered it to me with a big smile and just walked away. Oh, boy. Now what do I do? Busted Belle

Dear Busted Belle
Technically you haven't done anything wrong, however, just be on guard at work because now they know that you are unhappy and may suspect something. If you want to, you can use this opportunity to address the issues that are making you miserable at work and see how willing they are to find ways to amend your situation. If you really want to get out of there and you think nothing is going to make it better, just lay low and work hard so they'll have no reason to think that you have done anything wrong - and in the future, be more careful with the fax machine.

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