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Are Beer Goggles a Myth?

The Effect of Alcohol on Who You're Attracted To

If you've made a drunken mistake in love, there's now science to support your "I was drinking" excuse. British researchers found intoxicated people find unattractive people better looking than sober people.

To determine this, researchers spent a night outside college bars and used breathalyzers to categorize students as sober or intoxicated. Using the established fact that beauty lies in facial symmetry, students looked at 20 pictures of people whose face symmetries were tinkered with, for better or worse.

To the surprise of no one who's ever been drunk, the intoxicated people were less discerning; however, what was surprising is women were more susceptible to liquor's rose-colored goggles. Researches suspect it's because men are more visual and spend more time ogling women than women do men.


Source: Flickr User Darwin Bell

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