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Behind the Iron Curtain: Was Sex Better Before the Wall's Fall?

Life may be better since the fall of the Berlin Wall, but is sex? It was at first. Prostitutes came in vans, porn was everywhere, and sex shops opened like wine bars in a gentrifying neighborhood. Yet interest waned throughout the '90s, and nostalgia set in for "love as it was before."

Before, men and women didn't need porn to get excited or toys to orgasm. What did they need? Imagination, says former relationship columnist Jutta Resch-Treuwerth, and they had it. Poll after poll shows there was lots of "imagination" behind the iron curtain. On average, East Germans lost their virginity earlier, had twice as much sex, and had more orgasms than their Western counterparts.

So what made sex so "gut"? Find out after the jump.

  • Gender roles: After World War II, women's roles evolved differently in the East. While Western women freshened up for domestic bliss, Eastern women went to work. And because they outnumbered men, they often did jobs that were previously reserved for them. Not surprisingly, Eastern women were known for taking more initiative in the bedroom.
  • Universal health care: Health care for all meant access to contraception and abortions for all interested women.
  • Communism: I hate to say it, so I'll let sociologist and sex expert Kurt Starke explain. "In a rigid state that wanted to control everything, citizens were more emancipated with respect to their sex life," he said, "women in particular."

Source: Flickr User humain

HBSSam HBSSam 7 years
Well my girlfriend comes from east germany and she tells me, with a straight face, that yes the sex was better! I think it's to do with the freedoms that everyday people clung to when everything else was regimented. They certainly don't have any of the western self image issues and are happy to spend as much time as possible naked!
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
Mmmmmmm. Wall sex. Oh. Wait.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 7 years
hmmmm... I am going to Berlin in a couple of weeks :ponder: lol.
JessRose JessRose 7 years
Is this is a joke? Communism = better sex?? I am actually believing that ALL 3 of those points are lame. If you look at countries who aren't communist with universal healthcare with differences in societal gender spheres, I'm sure you'll find that they were having awesome sex too.
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