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Being Single Is More Expensive Than Being Married

Would You Marry For Financial Stability?

There seems to be an increased interest in the lives of singletons, which probably has to do with the number of single-person households on the rise (supposedly reaching 9.5 million in the next 10 years) and people waiting longer to get hitched (although that trend may be changing).

These studies say that single women are pickier than married women and more young unmarrieds are living with their parents, and now the latest study is saying a single life is more expensive than a married life, almost $400,000 over a lifetime, to be exact.

This study, by UK price comparison website uSwitch, claims the biggest reasoning behind the price gap for singles is housing, which does make sense, but the study doesn't take into consideration roommates, a viable option for singles on a budget. It also states that singles don't go on vacation as much because it's too expensive, but what single person goes on vacation by herself? You go with a group, splitting all the costs! And married couples may be able to save on groceries and buy in bulk, but I agree with Martin Lewis, founder of the website, in the BBC News article when he says being a smart consumer makes a big difference.

Even with all the benefits of being single, would you marry a settling soulmate if it meant a more financially stable life?

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