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Buy Bella Swan's Engagement Ring — Cool Idea or Too Much?

You can only marry Edward Cullen in your fantasies, but now you can ask your real life lover to propose with the same ring the vamp gave Bella Swan. The ring, which author Stephenie Meyer and Infinite Jewelry Co. co-designed, made its big debut last Friday in the latest trailer for Eclipse. It matches the description from the book:

"The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold — delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds.”

Now you can get it for as low as $35, but the real diamond version sells for $1,979 — I suppose the makers hope some people will actually wear this as an engagement ring. Do you think it's fun that fans can buy Bella's ring or is this way too much?

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Mandie2596086 Mandie2596086 5 years
as a matter of fact you can NOT wear a wedding band with it you have to move the engagement ring to another finger and put the band on your wedding finger 
Mandie2596086 Mandie2596086 5 years
Ring is 100% FAKE MY fiancee bought me one from sears and the darn RING TURN MY FINGER FREAKING GREEN :(
gemni70 gemni70 6 years
I LOVE the books, I LOVE the movies..HUGE FAN !! This ring is great ..and a great price BUT Cookie Lee Jewelry has a similar ring for $24 called the Bella Ring !! This ring is adjustable. If you host a show, your consultant will get you this ring for 50% off !! That's just $12 !!! I'm a consultant and I ordered mine today!! Anyone living in the Wisconsin area...interested in hosting a home or catalog show..please contact me for additional information and to order your BELLA RING TODAY !! ...
fantastische fantastische 7 years
like i've said before, i love twilight. still i don't think i would choose a ring based on the fact that it was designed after bella's. i really don't like it that much, but i know that my personal tastes are not what seems to be in fashion currently anyhow . . .
Gemini2 Gemini2 7 years
I agree with July Girl. I own the swarovski crystal and gold version from Infinite Jewelry. I have had it for a while now. I paid $65 for it from Twilight Teez. I believe I have a version that looks like what Stephanie Meyer imagined, and that is what is really important to me. I love the movies. I LOVE LOVED the books. The movie clip and ones I have seen at Suncoast ($30) look a little bigger and definitely have more stones. I like mine because it seems more simple and old fashioned. I own several other pieces of Twilight Jewelry by NECA, but this one I feel like I can wear anywhere (being, gulp, 38 years old). The books brought mystery, intrigue, romance, and even some old fashioned values. They reminded me of the craziness of young love and the forgotten art of chivalry. The ring reminds me of those things as well and that is why I enjoy wearing it. I don't get asked about its significance a lot. (I wear it on my middle finger because I had to order a larger size to get one.) I imagine I will get more inquiries after Eclipse premieres. Mine has worn incredily well. It was worth every cent to me and I am so used to wearing it that I feel naked without it. It represents to me that the possibility of true love still exists.
ckeller825 ckeller825 7 years
as an engagement ring, that is hideous.
r-mc-cool-212 r-mc-cool-212 7 years
its not that big and anyway if i was bella's age i would care because it came of the boy i fanced and thats sayin somethin
qteepie qteepie 7 years
This is one of the ugliest ring i've ever seen. I would wear it as a coctail ring but not an engagement. i love my 3 carat 3 stone tiffany's engagement ring. I wouldn't trade it for anything
RainyDays RainyDays 7 years
Victorian wedding rings tended to be pretty big. We are used to the current fashion of more simply designed rings. So, I get WHY the ring looks the way it does. However, I wish they would have scaled it down for the actress, who has small hands. I have to say that they costume designer they used on Eclipse (the same one they used in New Moon) is pretty terrible.
Shop_Oholic Shop_Oholic 7 years
Ugly, I would say no to him with that ring!
hibiscus96818 hibiscus96818 7 years
If the ring were nice it might be worth looking into, eventhough I'm not a Twi-fan, but that ring is UGLY!
Cullymore Cullymore 7 years
The ring is pretty but the wrong style for the time period.
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